Educational Modules


Because Pathways is an online program, Toastmasters Supplies Australia will not be selling any items associated with the Pathways program.

Background information on the educational modules that are still available

Here are summaries of the contents of the various educational modules that were part of the old Toastmasters education system and that are still available, mainly as digital downloads.

Assignment Guides

A Toastmaster Wears many Hats
TI booklet for anyone working to fulfill a meeting role. Includes tips on when you're the speaker, evaluator, Toastmaster, Topicmaster, General Evaluator, Timer, Grammarian and Ah-Counter.
Available as a free digital download.

District 70's Guide to Meeting Assignments
The District 70 Guide to Meeting Assignments was originally published in 1982 and has been in widespread use since. The Guide was revised in 2001 but the original size and format was retained. It is no longer sold in Supplies but is available for viewing or downloading and printing here.

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